Fatou is a member of The Bird Watcher Association The Gambia,an officially licensed tour guide of the Gambia Tourism Board and owner/ceo of Fatour Tours Gambia that she founded together with the other welknown gambian guide foday bojang, one of the most experienced guides of the country. She is known as a very good ( the best?) female birding guide of The Gambia. Before and after the birding season she and her team explores constantly the country to find new great birding places. Gambia is a small country but the birds all over there, so birding start at the moment you close the door of your lodge. And so she will take you not only to the wellknown birding places but also to a lot of lesser known places to have close-ups from the birds. She will organize everything for you, from breakfast to picnic to lunch and dinner. In the evening at the lodge you can choose what you want to eat, she will order it in advance. Travelling will be at the pace you like !

                      FODAY BOJANG

Foday Bojang is a member of the Gambia bird guide association and the social secretary.And he is a fully licensed tour guide of the Gambia tourism board, already leading birding trips during 16 years !!!!!!!! He is among the senior guides of the Gambia birding guides.His knowledge and experience in birding did give him great opportunities to lead big tour groups.He now has been leading birding tours during about 16 years .After and because of very long working together with Fatou , they decided to create their own company to give their customers the best services. And so Foday is now the manager of the company, if you want to know more about his credibility check on bird forums,  you will find a lot of reports  about his experience in leading tours..He always want to know his customers concern so that he can know his customers targets.And, like The Gambia, he is always smiling and always so happy to help his customers.

Fatou Senghore

Fatou Tours Gambia is a fully licensed, officially registrated company, with own, fully  insuranced cars

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