Easy Birding : the best of relaxing and birding

a perfect holiday at the pool and with the birds


In The Gambia, birds all always so close to you. So, think at extra batteries, birding hours and hours each day, you will need them !!!!!

Just call it the best of 2 worlds : some days relaxing at the pool or at the beach, a couple of days birding. And then again the pool, and again the birds.The Gambia is a small country, so with a trip of 2 or 3 days you can see a lot of this friendly country. And also : you will see the difference between the touristic coast - with al the hotels and restaurants - and the inland, with the small villages, the gravel roads, the nature. We will organize each little trip as you want, and we will surprise you with simple but fantastic lodges. So, relax, but also discover The Gambia, see a lot of the 600 kinds of birds, and most of all : meet the friendly people, see how enthousiastic the children are to see you, let the fantastic african chaos surprise you.


- pick you up at your hotel

- arrange all lodging

- arrange all food and drinks ( no alcohol) during the day. in the evening at the lodge the dinner/drinks are at your cost

- arrange all boattrips, ferries, nature reserves

- trip back to your hotel


- contact us before your trip , so that we arrange everything before you arrive in The Gambia

- contact us when you are in The Gambia and we come to your hotel to arrange your trip/trips.

WE organize, YOU take the pics

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