THE birding tours : see the birds of The Gambia

8,10,12,15, .... days of professional birding

A small country, but hundreds of great birding spots. So, you can make soo many different birding trips. Not a problem, let's make the trip that YOU want ? You can choose to do one of our standard trips, or you and we make together YOUR trip. How many days ? Your choice : 8, 10, 12, 15,..... Only The Gambia or also Senegal : think about it. Also when driving we are spotting, but still, you can prefer to not drive a lot of miles : no problem, from the coast to Georgetown is not even 180 miles but is a fantastic region for birding. So many options, jut let us know what you prefer !! Hereby : a possible 15 days trip , hour by hour, day by day, our GAMBIA SPECIAL

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Try to make the most pictures during the Golden Hours : early in the morning, and from late in the afternoon. The light is great then, and also : the birds are most active.


15 days of birding


arrival and Kotu Creek

Arrival at Banjul international airport.Pick up by one of our guides, transfer to hotel or lodge. When early arrival we can do a first birding before checking in. Check your watches, there is a time difference between Europe and The Gambia : one or two hours.

The following morning, a early breakfast followed by a pick up at 7:15am.Depending from which hotel, a short drive or walk to Kotu Creek, we will explore this creek and surroundings all day. We will be there up to 1pm and then go back to the hotel for break lunch at 3:30pm, then we will have the afternoon session up to 6pm. Birds expected to seen here are pied kingfisher,blue breasted kingfisher,giant kingfisher,malachite kingfisher,woodland kingfisher,moho,condon blue,little egret,blackcap babbler,fine spotted wood pecker,Senegal parrot,red billed firefinch,pearl spotted owlet,sacred ibis,white crowned Robin chat,many more birds are expected to be seen here. Picture : at Kotu Creek.


Lamin Lodge & Abuko

Pick up from the hotel at 6:30am ,drive to Lamin lodge for breakfast followed by coffee with biscuits before getting into the boat.After the two hours boat trips,we will enjoy our buffet breakfast which is served in Lamin Lodge. After the breakfast we will do the surroundings of Lamin Lodge and then drive straight to ABUKO nature reserve for forest species.We will have our sandwich lunch inside the forest whilst we enjoying the birds in the forest there.We will end up with ABUKO and then drive back to the hotel at 6pm.Birds expected to be seen here are Western blue,purple heron,white backed night heron,malachite kingfisher,blue breasted kingfisher, sandwich tern,village indigo,black crowned night heron,little egret,African paradise flycatcher,red bellied paradise flycatcher,violet turaco,green turaco,swallow tailed been eater,Western blue bill,grey headed bristol bill,many more birds are expected to be seen here.


Brufut & Tanji 

Pick up from the hotel after breakfast at 7:30am drive to Brufut woods which will be our first stop of the day.We will have a long half day in Brufut woods and have sandwich lunch there at 1pm. Around 2pm we will drive to TANJI ecolodge to enjoy the pools.At 4pm we will drive to TANJI bird reserve were we be completing the rest of the day.At 6pm we will drive back to the hotel.Birds expect to be seen here are violet turaco,green turaco,lesser honey guide,Greater honey guide,orange checked wax bill, buff spotted woodpecker,African green pigeon,Northern red bishop,bearded Barbet,yellow crowned gonolek, osprey,stone partridge,variable sunbird,scarlet chested sunbird,four banded sandgrouse.


Around Marakissa

After breakfast we move to Marakissa river Camp for our next accommodation. After dropping all our bags in the camp we will do the surroundings of Marakissa upto 1pm and then walk back to the river camp for break lunch.After lunch we will relax by the water jars.Whilst relaxing we will enjoy the birds drinking in the jars.At 4pm we will set for the afternoon session at the rice field up  to 6:30pm .At 8 pm we will have our dinner.Birds expected here are Black egret,giant kingfisher, blue breasted kingfisher,grey headed kingfisher,both honey guide lesser,Greater, spotted honey guide,shining blue kingfisher occasionally visit the camp during raining season to early dry season,African darter. You have lots more to be seen here.



Breakfast at 7;45am,then we will set for Kartong wetland, this is  is a well known coastal birding hotshot with a diverse range of habitat from fresh water ponds,Reed beds,sand dunes,open woodland and shoreline. Fresh water ponds attract a fantastic variety of waders and water fowls,species to look,mosque swallow,knob billed duck,grey headed kingfisher, blue checked bee eater,malachite kingfisher,pink backed pelican,great white pelican,Allen's gallinule, pygmy kingfisher,Northern carmine bee eater occasionally recorded in the area.



This is a special day for forest and woodland species.After breakfast in Marakissa at 7:45am it will take us 30 minutes drive from Marakissa to FARASUTU forest, and later we visit Pirang Forest. In each of this forest there are few guides located there.They used to help us to search for more rearities.we will be in FARASUTU upto 1pm.And then proceed to PIRANG forest were we going to have our sandwich lunch inside the park. We will be in search of grayish Eagle owl, African wood owl,spotted honey guide,lesser honey guide,Greater honey guide,standard winged nightjar,yellow breasted apalis,white spotted flufftail,verreaux's Eagle owl,green crombec, green hylia.many more are expected to be seen here



we will set for another travel to inland lodges.The lodges are basic with electricity with running water.We will have lots of stops before we reach at ABCAS Creek for our next accommodation. Our first stop will be pirang shrimp farm for waders, we will spend three hours in the farm.Followed by Bamakuno forest for woodland birds.We will have our sandwich lunch at Bamakuno forest at 1 pm and then have few stops before we reach at ABCAS Creek lodge.We will be at the lodge at 6pm checked into our rooms prepare for dinner at 8pm.Birds expect to be seen here are greater flamingo,African spoonbill,yellow billed stork,sacred ibis,quail finch,royal tern,caspian tern,swallow tailed bee eater,white throated bee eater,Brown necked parrot,long crested Eagle,scarlet chested sunbird, variable sunbird,just give short brief about birds expect to be seen here. Picture : Abcas Creek


Arriving at the lodge, big chance you want to have a  great cold drink. But just think : the generator is off during the night, so if necessarry start charging your batteries as quick as possible !!


As you all know for birding you need a zoom lens. But just one thing : don't forget that now and then we will get very very close to the birds, let's say even 1 or 2 meters !!!! So, be prepared !!!


Don't bring a lot of clothes to The Gambia. Off course you will sweat and will need a lot of shirts. But the people at the lodges will wash with a big smile your clothes for a few euros/pounds.



After breakfast at 7:45am,we will do the surroundings of ABCAS Creek lodge before our departure to tendaba camp.After our short walk in the surroundings we put all our bags in the car and drive to Raptors hotspot for another stop for key Raptors.2pm we will have our sandwich lunch.After lunch we will drive slowly slowly with few stops on the way before we reach at tendaba camp as next based camp.Travelling to inland will give us great opportunities to see more Raptors and woodland birds. Picture : at Tendaba Camp.



Early morning breakfast at at 7pm,followed by three hours boat trip in the Creek of tendaba camp.After the boat trip we will visit the woodland over the hills at the back of the camp.At 1pm we will walk back to camp for break lunch and little relax.3:40pm we start the afternoon session toward the Bateling track and end at the airfield hotspot. All this area harbours lots of key Raptors and woodland birds. Picture : boattrip at Tendaba Camp



After breakfast at 7:30am we pick all our belongings and join our car drive through south Bank to Georgetown with lots of stops on the way.Most of our stops will be on the road side. Our main stop are Jahally rice field, sankully kunda.Our base camp is Baobolong camp in Georgetown.we will reach at Georgetown at 6:30 pm, check into our room, prepare for dinner at 8 pm.



After breakfast at 7:30am.Followed by half day boat trip in the Creek of Georgetown upto 1 pm in search of birds and mammals.1pm we will be back to the camp for break lunch. After lunch we will relax upto 3:30pm then drive to Bansang quarry for red throated bee eaters colony,were we can have better chance to photograph them.6:15pm we drive back to the camp.Picture : red throated bee eaters at Bansang Quarry



Full day around Georgetown area. Perfect for a lot of birding or maybe a little relaxing



After breakfast we will  drive to the ferry terminal to go to the north bank area. With lots of stops to the wetland which can give us great opportunity to see more wetland birds.After all our stops at North bank area,we will cross the bridge to the south bank road again to Abcas Creek for our final night in the Gambia.we reach the lodge at 6:30pm and get into our room prepare for dinner at 8pm.Birds expected to be seen here are western banded snake Eagle, Brown snake Eagle, ruppell's griffon vulture,black shouldered kite,Beaudouin snake Eagle, Bateleur Eagle, long crested Eagle,African hawk Eagle, Wahlberg's Eagle, tawny Eagle, collard praticole,black bellied bustard,savil's bustard,just to name few.



Depending from the time of the flight back , we can do some more birding in and around the fantastic Abcas Creek. Then we drive to the airport. 

WE organize, YOU take the pics

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