We do , You do

what to do to have a perfect holiday


From the moment you leave the airport i will take care of you. So, just relax, enjoy your holiday, smile together with The Gambians. Most of them speak English, if not , i will be there to help you. And about our money,  the dalasi, i will get it for you at a great rate

What you will do, what we will do

preparing a perfect holiday

Fantastic, you will come to The Gambia. So, let's get ready for a great, perfect holiday.

What you must do :

- all necessary injections, like for example for yellow fever. Your doctor or the travel hospital knows everything about it, so that is no problem.

- malaria pills : there is no injection against malaria, so those pills are important. maybe you have to take it already a few days before your visit, and most of the time till one week after your visit. but there are several types off malaria-pills, so your doctor can certainly advice you.The first time you come to Africa and you don't feel good with your malaria-pills? No problem, we will get you other ones.

- insurance : yeah, you never know, so best to take a good, complete travel insurance. certainly check it is valid for africa, for the gambia. best insurances are covering the flight, the equipment, the stay in The Gambia and eventually the unexpected, necessary trip back to your country.

- the flight to and from The Gambia, to Banjul International Airport. 

- and then the little things. maybe you want to sleep on your own bedsheets, on your own pillow. a little flashlight can also be helpfull.

- it can be warm, very warm in The Gambia. But don't worry, don't bring tooo many t-shirts, we will wash them for you at a very small price.

- in the evening the dinner/drinks at the lodges are at your cost. But your guides can arrange during the day what you want to eat there.

Now, what we will do :

- the months before the holiday we will organize everything together with you

- for the longer trips, we will be at the airport when you arrive. for the shorter trips, we will pick you up at the hotel and off course bring you back.

- all transportation during the trips

- all the lodges 

- all breakfast and lunch/picnic/dinner and all drinks ( except alcohol) during the day.  In the evening at the lodges the alcohol drinks are at your cost.

- all water/soft drinks during the day

- all acces to park and nature reserves

- all boat crossings ( ferries)

- all exclusive boat trips

- bringing you back to the airport

During the trip our guides will be constantly at your service. Maybe to buy a special souvenir, or to go to a pharmacy. When a birding trip is planned but you feel tired, ok, we will adjust the schedule of that day. So, it's clear : IT IS YOUR HOLIDAY, YOUR TRIP !!!!

WE organize, YOU take the pics

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