5 birding tours : see the birds of The Gambia and Senegal

8,10,12,15, .... days of professional birding

As already written, you can make hundreds of different birding trips in The Gambia and Senegal. So hereby just 4 of them :

- The Gambia Special : 15 days birding in The Gambia. After a couple of days close to the coast we travel upcountry to discover the real rural Gambia

- Gambia/Senegal : 15 days, not only the Gambia but also the fantastic Niokolo Kola Park in Senegal. Absolutely worth the extra driving, also you will stay at the unique Wassadou Camp.

- Gambia 10 days : birding on the south and north bank of The Gambia !!!!

- 7 days tour : birding the coastal area, the forests and hotspots around Banjul. Birding at full speed, without driving a lot

- 4 days full of mammals, slave history, chimpanzees, and of course birds !!!


all those trips can by personalized as YOU wish. Itinerary, number of days..... Let's make YOUR perfect trip !!!!

WE organize, YOU take the pics

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