You can say that for birding The Gambia is one big hotspot. But of course there are some places and nature reserves that are extremely great for birding. A few from this wellknown spots....., but as told already : Fatou and our guides will bring you to a lot of lesser known great birding spots.


As you all know for birding you need a zoom lens. But just one thing : don't forget that now and then we will get very very close to the birds, let's say even 1 or 2 meters !!!! So, be prepared !!!


a great little forest

 is a small community forest with great birds. it’s roughly 4 hectares of gallery forest, mangrove, brackish water pools bordered with farmlands - situated few kilometres east of Brikama. The Reserve is home to many desirable forest specialities such as African Wood Owl, Green Headed Sunbird, African Goshawk, White Backed Night Heron, Yellow Breasted Apalis , Grey Headed Bristle Bill, Green Turaco, Sulphur Breasted Bush Shrike Greyish Eagle Owl, White Faced Scops Owl, Long Tailed Nightjar, Standard Winged Nightjar and Ahanta Francolin. The water jars are regularly visited by a host of small birds including Lavender Waxbill, Black Rumped Waxbill, Red Checked Cordon Bleu, Orange Cheeked, Snowy Crowned Robin Chat, alongside Spotted Honey guide, Lesser and Greater Honey Guides.


home of the turacos

 is a small community owned coastal forest situated just few kilometres from the main hotel centres,it boast a small perch of coastal forest that play host to several interesting forest and savannah species,species that could be seen here include,long tailed nightjar,Northern white faced scops owl,Greater honey guide,lesser honey guide,orange checked wax bill, lavender wax bill, yellow throated leaflove,grey backed camaroptera.After a long walk in the forest you can have a relax at the water jars which can give you a photographing opportunities to photograph both turacos green and violet.


mixed habitat

 at the small village of Marakissa close to the border with southern Senegal, it boasts a mix habitats of woodland, ricefields, reed beds and allehein river. They are the  home to a superb array of species, notably Long Crested Eagle, White Breasted Cuckoo Shrike, Shining Blue Kingfisher, African Pied Hornbill, African Jacana, Black Crake, Yellow Throated Leaf love, Giant Kingfisher, Dark Chanting Goshawk, Blue Bellied Roller, Oriole Warbler, Violet, Spotted Honey Guide, Western Banded Snake Eagle and host other species, the area is well served by couple of riverside camps, with great rooms, delicious food and canoe trips, allowing stunning views of various kingfishers, raptors and wading birds.


the oldest

Is the country's oldest Nature reserve.It's situated within an easy reach from the main hotel's areas.The reserve holds the last remaining rain forest type of flora and is known to harbour numerous exciting forest specialities  such as mammals birds,reptiles and butterflies.

The highlights birds are western bluebill, violet turaco,green turaco,grey headed bristolbill,little green bull, pygmy kingfisher,malachite,giant kingfisher,African paradise flycatcher,black Crake, yellow breasted apalis, just to name few


           exotic forest

offers an excellent opportunity for observing some of most exotic forest species, it contains a dense Gallery Forest that harbours some of the rarest and sought after forest species including White Spotted Flufftail, Green Crombec, Green Hylia, Sulphur Breasted Bush Shrike, Leaf love, Yellow bill, alongside breeding Verreuax’s Eagle Owl, African Wood Owl, African hobby, Little Greenbul, African Pygmy Kingfisher just to name a few.


absolute must

Kotu Creek and the surrounding area are close to several hotels. (f.e. Kombo Beach,Bakotu Hotel, Metzy Hotel, Sunset Beach, Badala Hotel). The area is an absolute must for birders and photographers to visit. There is a wide variety of habitats including the mangrove lined Creek itself, tidal mudflats, rice fields and open woodland. These harbour a fine selection of waders, woodland and water birds, plus raptors and other species (there are also many varieties of butterfly). You can spend all day here if you wish but the area can be covered in a half day visit or even in two or three hours. An absolute highlight here is a boattrip into the creek. Picture: view from Kotu Bridge.....

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