combined or not  with birding

A Cultural tour, a fantastic way to discover the real Gambia, his history, his people. And because birds are all over The Gambia, you can - if you wish - combine it with some great birding. A few of the many possibilities......


This is a half\day guided tour that takes to the beautiful Makasutu Cultural Forest. Once voted the best eco lodge in the world by the Sunday Times. Makasutu offer an up-market experience in the wilderness, with a day excursion, visitors can enjoy traditional tribal dancing, singing, and drumming. Guest can also visit ‘holy man\ fortune teller, try traditional medicines and remedies or take lessons in pottery, cooking, furniture making or wood carving at the craft market. The tour also include guided canoe ride to explore the creek and see some of the country’s spectacular bird life


A Short guided tour that allows you to explore the fascinating and colourful local market, the National Museum, Arch 22 Monument,  Banjul Craft Market and other tourist attraction, we’ll start the day of sightseeing with the busy and bustling Banjul Market  where you can buy local made craft. Bargaining in the market is part of African way of life, so join the fun and test your bargaining skills, the last leg of the tour take us to the legendary Katchikally Crocodile Pool where we enjoy a personal encounter with African’s tamest crocodile( charley) , we will as well learn the legendary stories of the sacred reptilian.


the island of the 20 miljon slaves  you will never forget

Also The Gambia has a dramatic history of slavery. A short drive, including the ferry-crossing to Barra - always an experience - brings you into the hart of the slave-history.A visit to the island, the museum: an impressive confrontation with the dramatic acts of the europeans. Around 20 miljoen slaves were send from this area, a quarter of them died at sea.....To never forget......

After pick up at your hotel we drive to Banjul to take the ferry to Barra, on the North Bank. Taking the ferry is always a little adventure, a little chaotic, let's say a great experience, good for a lot of pictures. During the crossing of he river Gambia gulls, pelikans and other seabirds are there for some birding, and maybe also some dolphins. At the always busy Barra we start our drive on the north bank road , then we take the road to Albreda ( Juffureh), where we can take the boat to Kunta Kinteh Island, previously known as James Island.

Kunta Kinte Island sits at the mouth of the Gambia River. Though tiny -- it is barely big enough to house some ruins of its past and a baobab grove -- the role it has played in world history has been large indeed.

Because the Gambian river runs like an artery from the Atlantic into Africa, it was a crucial passageway for the slave trade. At its height, an estimated one in six West Africans slaves came from this area.

The most famous of these slaves is Kunta Kinteh, who was immortalized in the book and the television programme Roots. He was born in 1750 in Juffureh ( now Albreda), captured when he was 17 and send to America where he married, get a daughter and died in 1822.

At Albreda we take the small boat to the slave island that did sink partially into the river Gambia but where you still can do a very interesting guided tour with visits to some ruins. Back at Albreda the visit of the museum is also very interesting, also you can drink/eat something at the restaurant.

Later we drive back to Barra, to the ferry, to the hotel.

Included in price of this tour :
- ferry at banjul and return ferry at barra
- drinks ( water/soft drink during day)
- boat trip to kuntah kinteh island
- guide kuntah kinteh island
- lunch
- museum at Alberda

not included : tips guides

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