Great trip to discover the great birding spots around the coast and inland. After 5 days exploring the coastal area we drive upcountry, discovering the rural Gambia with his many little villages and compounds, the always enthousiastic children and the smiling people of The Gambia. Several boat trips and lots of visits of birding hotspots will brings us very close to the birds.



With bus from plane to the airport terminal, then : paying 1000 dalasi/20 euro/20 dollars security tax, the customs pasport control, picking up the bags ( your bags can be on either of the 2 carrousels, the last scanning of your luggage and then there we are waiting at you !!!! If time permits ( early flight), already first bird watching, unless you prefer to relax after the traveling. If you wish, your guide can get you at a good rate some Gambian and Senegalese money. !!!Think at your watches , there is a time difference between europe and the gambia!!! And one last thing : get used to the sometimes little chaotic gambian traffic, it brings you always where you want to be.....

Check in in the hotel , our base camp for the next 5 days.


Full day at world famous Kotu Creek and surroundings, with great boat trip 

After breakfast at 7:30am we will drive to kotu creek which will take only 10 minutes . It will be fullday in kotu, at 1pm we will have our break lunch in one of the restaurants nearby. At 3:45pm we will start the afternoon session and end at 6pm. Kotu Creek is a tidal creek, depending from the tide we will do a one hour boat trip in the morning or in the afternoon, a great highlight of the day. Also we will do several short walks around the creek. Drive back to our hotel, 8pm we have dinner. 



After breakfast at 7:30am we first start with Tanji Bird reserve, it will take 30 minutes drive from our hotel to Tanji. In the reserve we will do walk , depeding of the birding maybe till the beach, and back. We will be in Tanji upto 1pm and then have our break lunch at Tanji Bird Reserve Ecolodge. After lunch at 2:30pm we drive to Brufut woods for the afternoon session, a session with a lot of forest birds ,end up at Brufut at 6pm and drive back to the hotel.

During a full day of exploring range of coastal habitats including lagoons, scrubs, beaches, forest and savanna wood lands we will have seen a lot of seabirds and forest birds !


Lamin Ricefield and Abuko Nature Reserve

We will first start with a birding walk in  Lamin Ricefield, it will take us 35 minutes drive from the hotel were we will be up to 12:30. then drive to Lamin lodge for lunch. After lunch at 2:30pm we will drive to Abuko nature Reserve were we will complete the rest of the day . Abuko is the oldest nature reserve of the country, great for a nice walk between monkeys, bee-eaters and lots of other birds. At 6pm we drive back to the hotel.


Kartong and Tujereng Woods

pick up at 7:30am after breakfast. We will first start with Kartong which is near to the boarder of South Senegal.It will take us one hour drive from the hotel to Kartong , great opportunity to see the farming grounds and the small villages of the country. Shortly afer 1pm we will have our break lunch at paradise beach restaurant, one of the nicest beaches of the gambia.After lunch at 3:30pm we will drive to Tujereng woods were we going to complete the rest of the day, 6pm we will drive back to the hotel.


Marakissa River Camp

After breakfast at 7:30am, we start moving to change our base camp from our coastal hotel  to Marakissa River Camp, which is basic but great lodge with solar power as electricity source. It will take us one hour drive from the hotel to Marakissa. We will have fullday within Marakissa woods and creeks which is very good for birds. we will have our break lunch in the camp at 1pm , also in the garden of the camp we can do fantastic birding, also at the water bowls. We will start the afternoon session at 4pm and end at 6pm.


Inland To Abcas Creek Lodge

After breakfast we will drive to two forests : Farasutu forest and Pirang forest. Our first stop will be Farasutu upto 12:30 , have our break lunch and then we will drive to Pirang forest. We will spend three hours in Pirang forest before heading to Abcas creek lodge.that we will reach around 6pm . Checking in, see the beautiful garden and the creek,  have dinner at 8pm.


Around Abcass Creek

After breakfast at 7:45am we have half day around the surrounding of abcas creek and back for lunch at 1pm , after lunch we will start the afternoon session at 4pm at the other part of lodge which is the ricefields. At 6pm we work back to the lodge. Second night at this lodge.


To Tendaba Camp

After breakfast at 7:40am we drive to Tendaba camp,  our next accommodation.

Before reaching there we will have lots of stops on the way. Places like Raptors track and  bateling track with few stops before reach at Tendaba at 6pm.The lodges are basic with electricity with running water,  with bar and restaurants. 


Great boattrip and drive to Georgetown

After breakfast in Tendaba we will have three hours boat trip in the creek, a absolute highlight of your trip. After the boat trip we will pick our bags and join the car drive through South Bank of the Gambia to Georgetown with few stop on the way. We will reach at Baobolong camp at 6pm.check into our rooms have dinner at 8pm.


Full day boat trip 

Fullday boat trip in the creek of Georgetown and kuntaur. The full day boat trip is insearch of birds and mammals like chimpazee, monkey, baboon and hippos and rear birds. We will be back from the fullday boat trip to the camp at 6:30pm, for our second night there.


Small creeks and quarry

half day small boat trip to access small creeks of Georgetown which are not accessible with the big boat. After the boat trip we come to the lodge for a break lunch at 1pm.After at 3.40pm we will drive to bansang quarry for the red throated bee eaters colony upto 5:30pm we drive back to the camp. our third night in baobolang camp.


River crossings, birding on the north bank, sleeping above the water

After breakfast at 8am we will set our bags ,join the car for the ferry to the north Bank of the Gambia  were we will have lots of stops on the ways to explore the many wetlands. We will go through Farrafenni , cross  again the river Gambia on the biggest bridge of the country  to the south Bank . Drive to Bintang Bolong lodge that we will reach around 6 pm. Great dinner and evening in this lodge above the water. Unique.


Back to the coast

After breakfast we will do the surrounding of bintang upto 1pm have breaklunch ,after lunch we will drive back to the coast at our four star hotel. We will reach at the hotel around 5pm.


 The last souvenirs ?

Last day in the Gambia. Relax by the pool for the last moment, mayb buy some last souvenir, leave on time to the airport . Save some dalasis because again you will have to pay 1000 dalasis security tax per person. Checking in in the renewed airport goes very smoothly, after all the controls you can drink something outside, watching the planes and ..... the last birds of this trip. See you soon back !!!

This is all inclusive package accommodations, transportation, entrance ticket to the recommended parks, boat trips, refreshment ( water, soft drinks, NO alcohol) during the tour, all lunches, dinners, breakfast, airport transfers. Is only the flight which is excluded from the package, and your personal insurances. 

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