A couple of hours,

a half-day, a day

A relaxing holiday in The Gambia, but you still like a short trip. Just call and we will arrange. Picking you up at the hotel, visiting great birding places close to Banjul. A couple of hours, a half day, a day. Eventually with a picnic at a great spot , surrounded by birds. Also a fantastic boattrip is possible !!!!! From sunrise to sunset : YOU choose, WE organize.

Relaxing and birds?

Why not  !

Relaxing at the swimming pool, but also birding ? What about now and then a birding day ( or 2 or 3), then relaxing again ? All combinations are possible, we arrange all transport, food, lodging when on tour, and as always.... with our own cars !!!

5 days ? 10 ? 15 ?

You come to The Gambia for birding, you are here at the right place. We organize your trip as you want it. You arrange the flight, the travel insurance, the vaccinations, we do all the rest : picking you up ath the airport, the lodging,  the food/drinks during the day. Very big chance that we willl do one or more boattrips , always sooo great for birding.

Scheduled group tours at great prices

Join a scheduled group birding  tour (perfect if you would like to join a small group & benefit from great prices).. From november to may, choose between easy birding and professional tour. Maximum 6 persons, so a perfect small group

The months before your trip you and Fatou will make the perfect schedule for your perfect birding holliday. So that you will not only see the wellknown birding places, but also those little gems only some guides know, and lodging at unique places, 

So, you choose, we organize : minitrip, relaxing birding , sightseeing trip pro birding tour  or a scheduled group tour!!!

Contact us / contacteer ons (in nederlands) contactez nous ( en fran├žais)

WE organize, YOU take the pics